"Add New" issue with Cyrillic table names


Well explained on picture:

Hi @Konstantin, thanks for pointing that out. Tables and columns in Grist have two kinds of names, a label (which can be most anything you want, and is for humans to read) and an ID (which has constraints related to Python and SQL, and is for use in formulas). On the left of the red arrow, a table label is shown, and on the right, its ID. The ID is generated automatically from the label. For tables named with Latin characters the two are generally similar, but this is clearly not great for your case, sorry about that.

There’s no particular reason the ID is shown here rather than the label - we should fix that!

If it is any help, you can control the ID to make it something more meaningful to you, see: FAQ - Grist Help Center

I expect we’ll be able to reduce the constraints on IDs in the future as the importance of supporting an old Python version dwindles.

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Hello Paul,
thanks for the answer.

Yes, I’m using custom id’s for cyr names already as A B C D etc is not intuitive :smiley:

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