Anchor link not restoring cursor for all widget of a page


Is it possible to create an anchor link that restores the cursor position for all widgets of the page and not only the active widget ?

Here is a scenario where I’d like to have it:
Let say we have one table of Clients and one table of Order with each order linking to one Client. And we want to create new orders using the card view.
So there is a page with a grid view of Clients and a linked detail view of Order so that when selecting a clients from the grid, the details view shows the client’s order.
With this setup user has to 1) select a client on the list and then 2) click the + button of the detail view before filling up the order.

Now I want to share a link to create a new order for one specific client. The link needs to open that page, with both the client already seleted and the card view already set to the new record.

Any idea ?


Hi @cpind, that’s an interesting scenario. Anchor links won’t do what you want yet. We’ll look into supporting this - thanks for highlighting it and explaining the scenario clearly.