[BUG] jumping cursor when clicking checkbox

I don’t know what happened, but when I am trying to click on the checkbox,
it’s jumping to the first row automatically and I am losing the cursor.
is there any reason ?

That’s definitely surprising. I am not able to reproduce on a simple document. Some questions to help debug:

  • Does the cursor jump when you change the value by, say, pressing Space? Is it any click in the cell, or only a click that changes value?
  • Is is_date_before a formula column, or a trigger formula (perhaps it depends on is_cover in some way)?
  • Does the custom widget use the allowSelectBy api?
  • If you have a different browser to try it with, does the same thing happen in another browser?

If you can share the document with support@getgrist.com, we’d be able to debug more directly.

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thanks, I just find find out witch column is making that behavior, it’s “is_cover” of a summary table :
sum(r.is_cover for r in $group)
if I remove it, it’s not jumping anymore, any reason ?


Any news why it’s doing that ?
or am I doing smth wrong ?