Cell collapse option

Is there a way to collapse cells so that if it has lots of text, only the first line is displayed, and only expanded to show full content when clicked on?

Or any fixed height option?

Use case: I have a database of book chapters. Each cell has one chapter of text and I can’t see all the chapters on 1 screen. Any way around this?

For your use case, I suggest using widget linking:

  1. Hide the big text column from your table widget.
  2. Add a card widget to the same page with the same underlying table.
  3. Only show the big text field in the card widget, hide the rest.
  4. Set the card widget to select by the table widget. See Same-record linking in Linking widgets - Grist Help Center.
  5. When you click on a row of the table, the card should show the text in that row.