Create separate table as a filtered view of master table, to use as reference elsewhere

Useful when only a selection of items need to be available for selection in the other table.

Can you share your specific use case and maybe we can find a workaround? Or do you already have a solution but this feature would make it easier/simpler?

The use case is having a virtual assistant work on data collection, with cells referencing data from another table (like a Country drop down, but with for example a list of competitors).
I don’t want to expose all the data though (ie all the columns), just the name (and id).
I’m not there yet in the project I’m working on, so have not thought yet of workaround.
The obvious one would be so simply copy the data (manually or via API) in a different document.
The beauty with your platform being there is a lot I can do with Python (in app or via API) if no native function :slight_smile:

Sounds like you want Access Rules.

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Looks indeed like a good solution. Thanks for suggesting - I’ll try that out.