Enterprise pricing?

Your new website, at www2, looks amazing. Anyway, I’m curious what the enterprise pricing looks like. If we standardize on Grist for much of our operations, I’d like to have some sort of idea what the pricing will look like as we grow, and need more features, like increased record storage (past 100,000) or increased API access. Btw, I always find it annoying when enterprise pricing is some secret, and one thing I always loved about Grist is the transparent pricing, so I think it would be great if you provided some indication of pricing on your pricing page. Thanks.

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: There is no set enterprise pricing because it’s not a set offering (not because it’s a secret). It is intended for larger companies, and enterprise needs are surprisingly varied.

One important dimension is self-hosting. It gives customers the ability to use their own domain, customize logo and branding, integrate with company SSO, use beefier hardware, etc. For enterprise plans, we typically require a minimum number of users, and for self-hosted installations, there is an alternative option of per-server pricing.

Currently, the 100K row limit and API limits are driven by technical considerations rather than the plan. We can let you go over even on the Pro plan, and it may still work fine, but the document gets slower, and depending on several factors, it can start running into technical limitations. A self-hosted configuration creates more wiggle room (since you can throw a server with more memory or CPU at it), but very large documents will create performance problems on any configuration (somewhere between 100K and 400K rows, depending on the configuration and the data). This should improve in the future (with this project on the roadmap).

In short, if your only concern is limits, I recommend reaching out to support@getgrist.com with your specific documents and estimates for how much they can grow. If we can support the expected load, we may be able to extend your limits without changing your plan. If not, we can discuss how much a self-hosted configuration can help, or it may be necessary to reorganize data in some way that allows dividing it up between multiple documents.

If you have needs for special customizations, then by all means, please reach about the enterprise plan, and we’d love to have a call, understand your needs, and propose a solution.