Feature Request - Duplicate Management

Maybe I missed it but it does not seem like there is duplicate management functionality. At least without formulas.

It would be great to be able to highlight a column of data and run a “remove duplicates” or “highlight duplicates” function via the context menu.

Is this possible?

Hi @Chris_Scott, you’re right, managing duplicates currently depends on formulas, see for example: Ensure unique values or detect duplicates.

We do have plans to make it easier to avoid duplicates when importing new data into a document that already has data in it. Is that your situation?

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@paul-grist That is my ideal use case. Removal on import. An easier way to manage them once imported would also be great, but on import would be excellent!

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If you create a summary table grouped by the column you want to deduplicate, then sort the summary table by descending count, all the duplicated values will be at the top.

You can then use linking to select the original table by the summary table, meaning that clicking a row in the summary table will show only the corresponding rows in the original table.

Automatically removing duplicates requires defining which rows get removed. What do you want to happen when you import data that already exists in the table? Keep the new row from the import (can you assume there’s only one?) or the existing one in Grist?


It seems to me that keeping the new one would make the most sense, at least in our case… But I can see that could actually vary. Could there be a way to have both options, and the user choose the one that makes the most sense at the time?

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