Feature Request - Last position before closing

After closing and then re-opening Grist, can we be shown the last position we were at before closing it? I’m talking about the positions within each table, not just which table I was at.

This will be helpful when there is a large table and entries are added to the end. Right now, every time I open the table to add a new entry or inspect the most recent entries, I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom. As the table grows, it’ll become a lot of work. If I can simply land on the same position where I left, it’d be great.


Great suggestion! I’ll make a note of it. :tada:

For the scrolling down part: you could try hitting the control key (or ⌘ on macs) and the down arrow together. That should bring you down to the end. There’s a list of navigation shortcuts: here Shortcuts - Grist Help Center (and you can hit “F1” to bring them up when editing a document).


Great shortcut. Thank you, Paul!

But this feature is still useful if I want to stay in certain part of a large table. Hope it will be considered!