Formatting the Date adds a 0 to fields

Could someone help with these issues? When I attempt to format the column to a date format of (YYYYMMDD) the system turns the data in this.!
Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 4.46.20 AM|641x500


Welcome to the forum! Hmm if you have numbers like 20210603 in a column, and want to make them dates, it can help to convert the column type to Text first, and then convert to Date. I’m not sure if that’s the situation you are hitting though.

those numbers are dates they are formatted as YYYYMMDD. but when data is added it changes the column and appends a .0 to the end.

It looks like Grist still thinks that those are numbers and hasn’t understood that those are dates. Try converting the whole column to text and back to date.