Grist and SAML integration guidance needed

Hi everyone, I cannot find any information that provides guidance for a successful Grist SAML integration. The Grist SAML page lists various variables, but when tried as is, I cannot get the integration to work. If anyone would be able to point to maybe an article with a known docker-compose file, that would be very helpful. I have setup Grist using SSL, traefik as the reverse proxy and an Authentik server, however Grist does not redirect to authentik for authentication, and automatically logs in using the default email address specified in the environment variabls during the setup. I suspect there is a combination of environment variables that would reroute to Authentik for authentication, but I can’t seem to locate this information and Grist’s documentation is not complete.

​Hi there,

Unfortunately, we do not have any documentation on this. Hopefully, someone who has done this before can provide some guidance here for you. :crossed_fingers: