Hosting at a path

I am trying to host grist on

I am facing multiple issues

  1. SSL is terminated at LB, so while browser URL is https, the application should be hosted on http. I am having difficulty with this. When I access app on https, it returns all embedded URLs on HTTP (because app thinks it is on http, and browser is not able to load). Is there a solution to this?

  2. I tried various combinations of parameters and still the first page comes up blank because “path” is causing problem. The page has following code that makes all other calls fail.

Is there an example of grist being loaded at a path e.g. ?

Hi @Ravi_Kapoor, for issue 1, have you set an APP_HOME_URL environment variable? See the grist section of the docker-compse.yml in A template for self-hosting Grist with traefik and docker compose for an example of how it would look. As soon as it is set, Grist will no longer try to guess what URLs to produce (which can be wrong) but just use what you tell it to do.

For issue 2, is path a path prefix you want to have in all Grist URLs? Grist doesn’t have native support for that yet. You may be able to manipulate the path seen by Grist with your LB or reverse proxy. Or you could make a code change - Grist already has middleware to deal with specific path prefixes like /o/ORG or /v/VERSION.

Item 1 is working now. Item 2 is not supported, so I will host without path. Thank you for your quick help.

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