How do I duplicate a record for editing?

I would like to be able to speed up my input by copying a record and just change a few fields!

I’m using this post to ask about the possibility of creating custom functions (in python) that could be called in all records.

I would add that the big weakness of Grist is its usability, there is a lot to do.

Example : the choice lists that you have to re-enter and parameterize, if they are used elsewhere.

In a grid view (i.e. the regular Table widget), you can select a row, and copy-paste it into a new row. Then you can change just the fields you want. This is how you would do something like this in Excel or Google Sheets.

Is that what you are looking for?

Do you mean you want to duplicate a widget and change the configuration of just a few columns?

Regardless of the mode, it seems simpler to me to use a shortcut like CTRL + D (for duplication) which will create a new record with the same data. The user will then only have to modify the necessary fields.

No! Just duplicate the current record and put it in input mode for editing.

Regarding the remark about choice lists, what you can do to avoid copying/pasting same list of choice many places is to use a Reference List instead.

To do so, first create a table, let’s call it Choices, give it a column named label and then enter one record for each of your choices. Then whenever you need a to pick among this choices, create a Reference List column using the Choices table that you’ve just created. Don’t forget also to set the Show Column to the correct column (ie: label in our example).

Hope that helps.