How to reevaluate formulars

I use a grist “todo list”. Here i have tasks that should show up on a later date.
For this I have a date column called “follow-up” and a bool column that should be true when
NOW() > $followUp. This works but the issue is that it does not reevaluate the formular.
So it works once.

Is there a way to retrigger evaluation of a column periodically?

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Hi @enthus1ast,

Formula columns are recalculated when a document is loaded. When you close your document and wait a bit (as it isn’t immediately unloaded from the memory), and then reopen it once again, you should see new values in columns that use the NOW() function (and other non-deterministic functions like TODAY, UUID, RAND).

Time-dependent functions are also recalculated every hour, so when you wait long enough, you should be able to notice those columns being updated.

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Thank you @jarek! I indeed tested the time based functions on a minute basis.
Hourly is good enough for this follow-up needs.
Thanks again!