How to show "referencees"?

I have a table called Name and another table called Entity.

Each Entity record has a reference list containing one or more records from Name.

Without using a widget, how to show the linked Entity for each Name record in the Name table?

Hi there,

I created an example for you here: Community #1802 - Grist

You can use a reverse lookup to find what entity each name is in. You’ll see that the formula used in Entity(s) column of the Name table is:


We use a lookupRecords function to find all records in the Entity table where the RefList column contains the ID of the current column in the Name table. We use id because reference and reference lists columns point to an entire record, storing their unique record ID. When we set up the column, we choose a label to show (like Name) but this is just a label to represent the record.

Once the formula finds the list of records that contains the current record’s ID, we use dot notation to specify what information from the record we wish to return. In this case, we want to return the value in the Entity column.

let me know if you have any other questions.


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