Major Bug - Delete 1 duplicate sheets removes multiple

Dear All,

Check my profile for recent delete files…

  1. where can we see deleted sheets?

  2. There is a major recurring bug in that - once you use the duplicate option to create a sheet… Rename it. Use that to create multiple duplicates, rename it…

And so you dont enter any values in those duplicate sheets… deleting any one of them will delete the others…

Hi Vignesh!

Currently in Grist, a duplicate of a table is another view of that table, thus deleting the original source of the data deletes views of that data as well. We have it on our product roadmap to improve this experience by collecting raw data views which are the true source of data in a document.

To create another table in your document (and not a view of an existing document), click on “Add New” in the top-left, then select “Table” and “New Table.”

The trash currently collects deleted documents, and not tables within those documents. I can see why you’d like to retrieve deleted tables from the trash as well and have made a note of this as a feature request. Thank you!

In the meantime, you can restore previous versions of your document by looking at the document history which periodically takes snapshots (automatic backups) of your document. You can restore to the version you want. Here’s a guide in our help center: Automatic Backups - Grist Help Center