Maximize Widgets/Pages/Sections like z-index

It would be awesome if it’s possible to maximize like F11 in the browser,
for each widget/page to be kind of full screen on the top of all other pages,
to be able to work more comfortably.
Instead of playing with the size of sections or to avoid making another views to be more at ease.



I added your request to the project being planned here: Expanding/collapsing widgets · Issue #34 · gristlabs/grist-core · GitHub

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Thanks :grinning:,
For now I’m just injecting a bit of js to hide/show the active section :ok_hand:

Ooh, thanks! I just noticed today that a button has been added to expand any section. :tada::tada:
no need anymore to inject my button :sunglasses:
thanks :grinning:
is it also in the self hosted version, because I don’t see anything about it in the changelog
and last one was about 3 weeks ago

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Glad you mentionned it also, I did not noticed it :grinning: