Reference list based off of another ref

Greetings community,

First and foremost I’d like to mention that I’m absolutely loving your product and I’ve so far convinced a bunch of acquaintances to try it out and move on from the usual apps they’re using.

I’m hosting an instance myself (Docker & using Authentic for auth), but I’m running into some complications with user questions about achieving certain things.

Currently the main issue is listing a reference in a user-friendly readable format (or any, as a matter of fact). They have a sheet listing people, let’s refer to it as People, in another sheet they have an Equipment list, in third sheet there’s Operators list.
Currently the People sheet is rather static, the goal is its last column to contain a list of Equipment assigned to them. The Equipment list itself has only two columns that are filled manually, the remaining columns are references to Operators and People.

The issue I’m running into is how do I list the Equipment in a column in People, since referencing a reference shows what appears to be an empty list?

I realize this got a bit lengthy and probably not very clear, I’m currently not at home and posting this on mobile, but if need be I could create a sheet to show an example.

Thank you for your time reading this, again - splendid product you’ve got here!

I believe the column in the People table should be the formula:
Then you set the following:
Column Type to Reference List
Data From Table to EquipmentTable
Show Column to EquipmentColumn


Huge thanks, Tristan, that gives the perfect results!