[SOLVED] Pie Chart by values instead of count

Hi, I’m new to Grist and not too experienced with spreadsheets, so sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

I’m making a personal expenses database, with columns for: Date, Expense, Amount and Category.

I’d like to have a pie chart showing how much I’m spending in each Category (utilities, rent, etc.). I managed to get a pie chart showing the expense categories, but they are shown by the count of rows instead of the sum of the Amounts.

My pie chart is summarized from the Amount and Category columns, with Category as a label and no series added (as soon as I add any column as a series the whole chart disappears).

How can I get this to work?

Just an update: it was a trivial mistake due to my inexperience with spreadsheets. My expenses were registered as negative numbers, and pie charts (in general, not just in Grist) don’t work well with negative numbers (which in hindsight is quite obvious). I turned all numbers to positive and the pie chart works fine.

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