Templated documents

I’d like to be able to generate documentation, based on the data in my tables. Using a templating engine, like ERB, would be helpful. Supporting syntaxes other than HTML, like Markdown or Asciidoc, would be great.

I know that I can use JavaScript for custom pages, but it’s way to complicated for this task.

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Makes sense!

By the way, after a recent improvement to custom widgets, there’s now a markdown editor you can easily add to your documents from a menu of premade custom widgets. Add New > Custom Widget > Select Table. In the creator panel, under Custom you can open the drop down menu below:


One more thing, if you want to create document tours like the ones found in some of our templates, I recently shared how to create one here: Creating Document Tours

Is this functionality included in the latest Docker image? gristlabs/grist - Docker Image | Docker Hub

The templates appears to use v1.0.2, while the latest image uses v0.1.1.