Account balance history

I have a spreadsheet, tracking account balances.
Do you know a good way to achieve a history incl. date stamp?

I could maintain a separate table with account ID, old value and date. But this is very manual.
Ideal would be an automatic creation of a history, once a new value is entered.

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I believe that this require a subordinate table and a way to append of a new entry in this subordinate table upon updating of cell in the upstream table. I was unable to find the way to do it. Though new records can be created via grist API, I am doubtful that this call can be initiated from within column formula. External script can extend GRIST functionality, though this approach is far from being pretty.

Thanks a lot.
I took an approach via the API.

My main goal was to record a history. I now pull the values regularly via the API and store it in a DB.