Action Button clicked, forever "Still Working"! What did I do wrong?!

I created an action button where when clicked, it takes the current row (DataCalculada) and adds to dt_meta of a new record it creates.

DataCalculada is the current row dt_meta + X number of months.

It stays forever as “Still working”.
After more than 2 minutes, it creates a record at the DadosIndicadores (IndicatorsData), but it looks like this (just pay attention to the cell where it says “DataCalculada”. The other ones with error are formulas based on that cell)

here is the action button code

  "description": "Selecione Último Resultado e Clique para Adicionar Novo",
  "button": "Adicionar Novo Resultado",
  "actions": [
    ["AddRecord", "DadosIndicadores", None, {"dt_meta": "DataCalculada"}]

ok, apparently, no matter what fields I copy, it takes a long time. Because it’s a table with 4900 rows. But gee, it knows WHAT row it’s copying in the Action Button, I don´t know why it takes so long.

Aside that, I am unable to copy the reference column. The tips given here by Dmitri Action Button Info - #2 by dmitry-grist




don´t work. Trying to use int returns an error because my Indicators have characters like ã, ç, etc. (and no, I can´t remove them, they are integral to my language)