Advanced Charts: how to auto-update Chart Title based on Grist Field?

I have this KPI tables… I have a main KPI table with data, including KPI name
Then I have the KPI-Data in a widget, being filtered by the KPI selected from the main KPI table

The Advanced Chart is linked to the KPI-Data.

The Advanced Chart can have a fixed title OR you can create meta data (in red) refering to the column which refers to the name of the KPI. Then you use that meta-data (red line) in the Title Field, as HTML.

It displays in the chart.

in this second image, I selected ANOTHER KPI. You can see the name reflected in each line of the KPI-Data. Then you can see the title field of the chart, where it references the created meta-data which references the title. But as you can see, the Title IS NOT UPDATING.

Just to confirm I have the same on self-hosted grist.

Mine is also self hosted.

But it happens on both Self Hosted AND Grist Online.

@Rogerio_Penna Would you be able to share your document with as OWNER so I can take a closer look? I won’t make any changes and will only work in a copy of your document.

Edited to add - I see your document is self hosted. If you download a copy from your self-hosted version and email the file to, that works too!


Hi all!

I was able to reproduce and submitted the issue here: Titles with meta text are not updating as expected · Issue #5 · gristlabs/custom-charts-widget · GitHub