Advnaced filter options


I have searched and been unable to find the answer

Is it possible to filter using two or more columns, but so it is “or” and not “and”, or a mixture of both

I’m making comic database. I want to be able to filter to inculde books from certain lines OR any specific charcter. For example, any x-men related book or any book that has wolverine.

Currently as far i can see or work, the filters would display only x-men related books that also had woverine in them

Thanks in advance

No, as for now, it’s always or for the same column, and for different columns. You could find a workaround here.

I workaround would be add a column that calculates True or False based on the criteria you want, then filter by that column.

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Thanks for the responses, but it needs to be user friendly, not coder friendly :pensive: