Allow >200 members to see and manipulate own record

Hello all,

I use Grist to manage members in a club and I’m really excited about it. I also use Grist to automatically generate PDF files on a weekly basis and I love it.

Our board would like to use Grist as the main data base and allow club members to view the data we have stored about them via a URL. Each member will only be allowed to see their data. We would also like to be able to update fields such as “address”.

Has anyone had a similar requirement and found a solution?
Ideally also a self-hosted solution, because we don’t want to store member data externally.

I saw, that its possible to connect with e.g. Google Forms, but it would only add new records in grist and not show existing records to the member in the form.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Garry_Scheber, welcome to the forum!

Take a look at the Link Keys feature in the help center. I think it covers your requirements.

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Yeah it seems technically to be right.

But the members are mainly non-technical people, for whom it should be as simple as possible. I think the view is then not so well suited. A kind of Google Forms view, where in the upper half are the current data and in the lower half are fields to enter or update data.

Let’s see if there is something suitable, which is connectable via n8n. In case of need I will program it myself and share the code with the community.

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I’m doing a similar thing, for a similar reason. In my case, I’m using the linked view, and pointing to a card widget with “&style=light” appended.

Then using the access rules, I lock down what fields my members can update. The result is that each member gets their own secret URL, and can then update some info, but only read other info.

Not quite as nice as a Google form, but easier to maintain as its all in Grist.