API - DELETE organization, does it delete all documents and workspaces?

As the title says, does the API endpoint for organization delete all documents and workspaces associated with it?

I don’t believe it does @Juan_Carvajal_B. The supported way to delete an organization is to call the method Doom.deleteOrg:

but I don’t think it has an endpoint yet.

There is an old undocumented DELETE /api/orgs/ORGID endpoint, but I’m not sure it have been updated to delete all site resources (as opposed to database listings for those resources).

Updating and documenting an endpoint for this should in principle be straightforward, is this a blocker for you? We also happily accept pull requests at GitHub - gristlabs/grist-core: Grist is the evolution of spreadsheets. :slight_smile:

thanks, unfortunately I am not familiar at all with the grist codebase, otherwise I’d glad to help.

For the moment we will use the following endpoint to get the list of docs and workspaces and delete them manually.