Apply Formula to Filtered/Visible Rows Only

Beyond modifying one cell or an entire column, sometimes it is useful to be able to modify all filtered/visible rows together.
It is about applying new values to a query results.

Pasting multiple rows already works like a charm (even for choice lists and in filtered rows)

Grist already has an excellent filter design and a powerful transform column function.
So maybe you could add an “only to visible/filtered rows” option to “Apply Formula to data” in column Tab, or something
Or maybe there is a way to do it ?
Thank you !

I suppose I can do an “Apply Formula” with a conditional on a complex filter
still a no-code option would be nice :grinning:

Hi @minos, welcome to the forum!

We do have some wishes for improving the “Apply formula to data” functionality, and the idea to have an option to apply it only to visible rows is a nice one.

Meanwhile, the way I would accomplish it in practice is to start with a filtered view, then:

  • Create a new column.
  • Set a formula there to transform the original column (it doesn’t matter that it applies to all rows).
  • Select the new column, and copy-paste the values from there to the original column. Copy-pasting applies only to the visible values.
  • Delete the new column.

Ingenious ! Thank you !

The Thing is, I love the filter design : simple features like items count and auto-update (to show only remaining items) are absent on online “no-code databases’” I tried (coda, notion).
But, because they enhance exploration, I found myself exporting all the time to apps like OpenRefine (nice python based transform too) and recently polymer (read only though) but then I can’t modify the original DB (not smoothly anyway).

Now I can.

:clap: :clap: