April 2022 Newsletter - Rich text editor, more cell styles, and more!

What’s New

  • Rich text editor! Add the “Notepad” custom widget to your doc.
  • New font and color selector. Bold , italic , underline, and strikethrough is here!
  • Copying column settings. Copying cells into an empty column will copy the original column’s type and options, including choice configurations. Note that conditional rules will not be copied.
  • New Zapier Action - Create or Update Record. Learn more on Zapier.
  • Dropbox Embedder. Add the “Dropbox Embedder” custom widget.

Next Webinar: Back to Basics

We get asked all the time how to get started in Grist. The best way to demonstrate is with a real use case. We’ll take a spreadsheet workflow and improve it in Grist.

Thursday May 19th at 3:00pm US Eastern Time.

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Community Highlights

U.S. National Parks Database in Grist!

Check out our crowdsourced and community-maintained parks database.


Go to database!

If you feel inspired to make your own crowdsourced database, check out also the simpler crowdsourced list example. Reach out on this forum to get help or share the result!

New Templates

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