April 2023 Newsletter - Flashcards contest, a Grist prank, and a new experiment in publishing data

The April 2023 Newsletter has a quick summary of improvements made to Grist in the last month.

Flashcards Contest: Build the Best Knowledge Deck

This :point_down: could be yours.


What’s New

We rickrolled, and so can you

Last month we invited you to answer a Grist survey and rewarded your kindness with an April Fool’s joke: a rickroll in Grist. The great news is that you can pay this forward whenever you like to whomever you like with any document. Take any Grist anchor link and replace the r in the URL with rr. We call it “rickrow” because that r anchors to a row.

Grist-static: Publish data on static sites without embeds

Take a peek at our CTO Paul’s latest experiment. Grist-static offers a way to view and interact with .grist files on regular websites, with no special back-end support needed. Grist-static is great for displaying spreadsheet reports on a website, similar to PDF reports, but better! Viewers will be able to change selections, and experiment with changing numbers to see what happens. Every viewer has their own copy, and their changes won’t be seen by others, or stored. This would also be a scalable way to show a Grist document to millions of simultaneous users.

See some examples here.

Learn more on Github.

We want to hear from you.

Do you already see a use case for grist-static? Are you excited by it? Tell us by emailing us at support@getgrist.com, or posting in our community forum. This is just the beginning for grist-static and your input helps guide our design.

Another werewolf strike: MOONPHASE()

Another function contribution by user @were_functions on Twitter. The MOONPHASE() function returns the phase of the moon on the given date. Here’s what it tells us about the date of this newsletter: MOONPHASE(TODAY()) is :first_quarter_moon:. With other arguments, we can find that it’s been 8 days since new moon, or 0.27 of a month. Also that MOONPHASE(TODAY(), "lunacy") is :man_dancing:. Safe for now, but it’s less than a week to the next full moon. Someone ought to start taking the wolfsbane potion.

Test Prep Template

Create timed sample tests and flashcards to ace your next test!


Webinar: Importing Data

Many Grist users have imported spreadsheets into Grist, but not all are aware of all the cool import features that Grist offers, such as incremental imports, merge fields, and formula transformations. In May, we’ll dig into importing data like a pro.

Tuesday May 16th at 12:00pm US Eastern Time.