Are our tables and databases private or public?

I was sure I found previously where we could select to ensure our databases-tables etc are private. I can’t seem to find where to do that.

How do I make my database private? Only accessible if the person is given permission to view specific things through their roles?

By default, all documents are private. You can add people to a document from the Manage Users menu or share a document publicly.

While viewing your document, click the share icon, then ‘Manage Users’

From here, you add/remove people or change their access level. You can also make a document publicly accessible. Note that ‘Inherit Access’ will take access level from the Team Level and grant those same permissions for the document. You can change this setting as needed.

Read more about Sharing and Public Access here: Sharing a document - Grist Help Center


Perfect. Thank you so much Natalie.

I had thought that data and tables etc were automatically private, unless we change that permission. I just wanted to make sure.

This is wonderful. Appreciate you.


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