Attachment Image not being copied using Action Button


Attachments don’t seem to be able to be copied over using an Action button.

When I try to copy $Attachment.fileName field, I get a KeyError for the records with an attachment

KeyError : “Unknown object type code ‘29b76e56-ad68-4e9c-baec-4801d866260e.jpg’”
(in referenced cell Process_Lines[333].Attachments)

and an IndexError when the record does not contain an attachment

IndexError : list index out of range
(in referenced cell Process_Lines[332].Attachments)

When I try to copy $Attachment, I get the following for records containing an attachment

{‘rowIds’: [1], ‘tableId’: ‘_grist_Attachments’}

and the following, for records that do not contain an attachment

{‘rowIds’: [ ], ‘tableId’: ‘_grist_Attachments’}

All other records, ranging from reference, reference lists, and normal, gets copied over using an Action Button without any problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Many experiments later, its still a no go.
Any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated.