Auto Generate Rows on Trigger?

Is there a way to automatically insert multiple rows into a table on a trigger?

My goal is to have “Task Template” tables that can be used to auto populate other tables for commonly repeated types of tasks. For a simple example, lets say I want a “Shopping Task Template” that can be reused to populate “to-do” items in a project table. This template would be populated with multiple standard to-do tasks for the given “Shopping” context, say “Find Keys”, “Shovel Driveway”, “Bring Wallet”, “Drive to Store”, etc.

The desired functionality would be - when I create a “Buy Milk” project, I could categorize it as a “Shopping” task. On doing this, all the items from the “Shopping Task” template would be populated as individual rows in a global “todo” table, each referencing the “Buy Milk” project.

Adding other conditional triggers to format/modify the details would be great to stack on top of this, but for now, a simple auto-populate row functionality would be hugely beneficial.

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Not sure how you might be able to make this work with a trigger formula, but you should be able to make something work like this through some tweaks to the Action Button custom widget