Automatically bring in specific rows to new table?

So I’ve got this Master List table. Then I have a page called Pixel 3 with an empty table. I want to automatically bring in all Pixel 3 rows from column Phone Model (on the Master List table) into the Pixel 3 page/table. Is this possible? This way I can click on the left side through all my different phone models I will be adding and I can see my inventory easier that way.

​Based on your description, I don’t think you need other tables. With Grist you can create different views of the same data. In this case, all you need is a master list table, and a few filtered views. Here’s an example: Different Views of the Same Table - Grist

​In the example, I did the following.

​1. Create 1 table called Master List.
​2. Create a page that has the same Master List table. Filter that table by the “Phone Model” column to only show rows with Pixel 3.

​That’s all you need to do to meet your description. You’ll notice there’s a third page with a third suggestion. You could use a summary table to summarize the master list by phone model. That way you can see how many of each phone you have per model. Then add a second widget to the page, this time an unsummarized Master List table again, and link it to the summary table. Now when you click on a phone model in the summary table, you’ll filter the linked widget to only show rows with that phone model.

​I attached a video in a fourth page that shows you how I built this and shares some tips.

​Hope this helps!