Bidirectional/two-way references

Is there a way to have referenced columns update each other?

For example, Table A with info about contacts, and Table B with info about companies. On the contacts table A I have a column for company, which references the companies table B, and vice versa, with a contacts column on Table B. If I add a company to one of the contacts on Table A, is there a way for this to be added to the relevant row on Table A?

I’ve found a way to display the references, with lookupRecords, but that turns the cell into a formula, which can’t be changed.

Searched the forums and help centre and couldn’t find anything about this - any advice please?

Im also curious about this.

@Sqasl I think you need simple Many to Many relationship.
I create example for you.
This what you want?

I’m also looking for a way to simply have the relationship show up as a relationship in the other table.
Currently it works only in one direction for one-to-one and one-to-many relationships.
The table where you create the relationship is ’ leading’, and shows the link icon. In the other table, you are forced to use a lookup formula to find and visualise related entries, resulting in non editable, non-clickable entries in that column.

Seems this is a choice Grist has made in how to display (or not in this case) related items in a table. It would be great if referenced records showed up by default in a column in the referenced table. You could always choose to hide that column if you don’ t want to see or use it, but it would be very useful and relevant information to have without having to manually add a column and type a formula, as well as having the benefit of it behaving like a relationship, rather than behaving like a read only item.

In some widget views, you can also click relationship icons to open a modal view of the related record, this is also really powerful and would be great to have on references records as well.

Having to create a many to many relationship goes against implementing correct cardinality in the database and adds unnecessary complexity in my opinion.

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Hi everyone,

We’ve started working on designs for 2-way reference columns. The idea would be to have a reference column editable from either side of the relation, with changes on one side automatically updating the other. Hope to have more to share with you soon.