Browser extension: Save to Grist

I am currently using Notion, which has a “Save to Notion” browser extension, to save URL & title of websites in various lists.

From there, I have a collection of Python scripts (one for each list) to fetch data from Notion via API and populate to Grist.

It works, but there is a lot of overhead, especially when I need to add a new list.

Is there a better way that would allow to save directly in Grist?


An extension would be great :slight_smile:

I’d like to be able to save articles to Grist into a database, add tags in the clipper, etc.



You may be interested by this topic.

I am working on other extension (not related to grist), but I can develop a simple extension like this if there is not ongoing development toward this.

Can you share the python scripts you have?

Sorry I never replied Benjamin.

I ended up using a couple workarounds, with Python scripts:

  • either scripts that add straight to Grist from clipboard (eg Clipee | Nic's notes)
  • or scripts that add URL to a list, processed as batch

Works well enough for me, and allows to add logic in the scripts, ie go beyond what a standard extension would do.