BUILDING BLOCKS (like from Grist Forms) in Cards and Card Lists Widgets

Enough said :grin:

No really… this would be super handy to organizing some cards, with sections and titles for sections. Right now, we would have to create a FIELD with automatic trigger to write the text. But the field occupies more space, because the field has a TITLE above the field. Which you would have to write the same text as the field below… which makes no sense… and occupies more vertical space.

Speaking of the question of organizing your cards into logical sections, a feature that could be included would be to change background of the Card BLOCK (we can change the background of the text field)

The card block background is the part in dark gray we see when editing card Layout

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Alternatively… maybe you should let us use Forms as Widgets inside pages. And I mean, fill forms, instead of having a widget to edit them, but to fill the form must be published and it will be a link

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