Bulk Upload Image in Attachment Column

Hi all,

I would like to know is there any way to upload an image in every row. Let’s say I have 100 rows, how could I upload every row with an image automagically? because it will take forever to upload manually. Thanks

There isn’t a great way, but there is a way to work around it.

You can add a helper table (say, Helper), with a single row. Make a column of that table (say, column A) have the type Attachment. You can then bulk-upload all your attachments into that one cell.

From there, you can fill in attachments in a 100-row table using formulas. It’s tricky, and it would help if you can describe how you would know which attachment should go into which row. If you just want 100 rows, with one attachment in each, there is one horribly hacky way, but which seems to work:

  1. In your table Helper, add column B with the formula $A, and set its type to Reference List.
  2. Add a summary of the helper table, grouped by column B.
  3. In the new summary table (the one titled Helper [by B]), add a new column with the formula [$B], then set its type to Attachment.

This new column should now be an attachment column, with as many rows as you had attachments, one attachment in each. You can copy-paste this column into another table.

Wow! thanks so much @dmitry-grist. I’ve followed your step and it works well. But somehow, I can’t see the image but it shows the reference as snapshot below. Is it possible to see the image in the column?

I think maybe the formula in the last column (A) is set to $B? If so, add square brackets around it: [$B] – it makes it a Python list, and in Grist attachment columns are technically lists of attachments, so this bit is important.