Calendar: A way to show more than one field?

Is there a way to have the calendar show more than the contents of a single field for an event? I’d like to concatenate the values in three cells for each event row rather than having to choose a single field.


Hi @Martin_E.

There isn’t currently a way to pick more than one field, but one workaround would be to create a new formula column that concatenates the values of the columns, and use that as the column for the title.


That’s exactly how I solved it. Just wondering if there was a more Grist-onic (is that a thing?) way to do it.

sn = $SN.Serial_Number
location_id = $Location_ID.Company
note = $Note
f"SN{sn:03.0f}, {location_id}:\n {note}"

Slowly starting to understand how to approach Grist.

Shnorhakal em.

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Apparently you are a programmer. That’s great, because I hope you will soon be creating custom Widgets for Grist :grin:

Check JPeron. He created widgets for Kanban, drawing signatures, advanced buttons.

Who knows, maybe you will create a Calendar Widget Turbo Version, with more than one field :wink:

Hardware/software engineer, yes.

I guess custom widgets might just be my next stop in this adventure. I do want to be careful not to take it too far. I can do everything I need to do with Python and Django. At some point, if you have to reinvent the wheel too much, it is better to get on a car that already has wheels and just drive.

That said, I like the concept behind Grist. I have to give it some more time in use and learn more before making a decision.