Can I use Grist to create a dymanic chart of Dhondt method?

I wonder if I could Grist to allocate seats in local parliament just for fun.

The idea is that you could change the value of simulated results and the seats get allocated to a given political party.

Yes, it’s possible! That’s a fun one to try building in Grist, so I just tried it – check it out:

It includes the two examples from the Wikipedia article. The first page shows the version that does the calculations round by round. Select the Election in the top widget, see results below that in the green column. You can click around the Rounds in the bottom-left widget to see which party got a seat in that round.

The second page produces the same results using the simpler method described in Wikipedia. Again, the results are in the green column.

You can add more Election records. The YELLOW columns are the one to fill in, the GREEN has the final results.


Brilliant!. I will try later to study with detail