Cannot connect to server

Hi guys, I have got an issue for couple days already, and I still cannot figure out how to fix this.

I got this error, and have tried reload the page many time. Still does not work, any idea?

Thanks in advance

The hosted Grist service (e.g. at has been working fine for me and others. It seems a networking issue, like a firewall, or a bad DNS response that’s being cached. Some things to try:

  • Try a different browser
  • Restart your browser
  • Try it from your phone

To figure out what’s wrong with what you have, could you check if there are errors in the browser console (the “Network” tab in particular)? You should see some errors, and if you can share a screenshot of them, it would help narrow down the issue.

Hi @dmitry-grist , thank for the quick response.

Sorry that I forgot to mention that I self-host Grist behind Nginx. I think there is something wrong with the conf of Ngnix.

Is there a walk-through installation on docker compose behind Nginx for Grist?


A good thing to try is Grist Omnibus which has a reverse proxy built in.

Otherwise, you can check out these threads mentioning nginx (different issues but you might find hints about nginx specifics):

the first thing i would do is to look into nginx logs and see if it is actually forwarding to grist.