Cannot save template

Hello, I want to add template to my account. I have one login with gmail and two pages, personal and company name. I cannot share between, I cannot save temlate to that company page when I have my documents. Why it’s not possible?

I want to save Inventory Managment here.


I can only save template here:

You should see your free team site in the organization dropdown on the Save Copy dialog. Can you check if your site is there?


I don’t have access:

Hi @Przemyslaw_Skweres.

Are you an owner or editor of site Kazex? I see you mentioned earlier that you log in with Gmail; just to confirm, can you access both your personal site and Kazex with the same Grist account?


Hi, Yes. I’m log in with my Gmail and can access both sites.

When you are at the Kazex site, can you click the “Zarządzaj zespołem” button (top right corner), can you check that you are the “Owner” there, and if there is only a single account shown there?


It should display something like:
With just a single item on that list.

Hi, Zarządzaj zespołem is on the left top corner and I’m not able to click it.

but when I click profile icon and check Szczegóły dostępu there’s my email as reader.