Cascading reference

Hello !

A picture will explain better what I’m trying to have (not sure to be able to explain it correctly in English)
I have three tables with links
Constat → Cause
Constat → Actions
And I’d like to add Actions linked to Cause with corresponding choices.

The screenshot should be clearer :

piblic url : Untitled document - Grist

Note: I’ve tried to list the causes in the constat and then have a reference link to this field (Constat.L_Cause) but it does not work and still suggest all the cause in the table … :frowning:

I’m sure you already spoke about it , but cannot find the way to get it (you can send me the link if it’s better for you).

Many thanks


In this post, @alexmojaki wrote that “You can’t customise/filter the dropdowns for reference/choice[list] fields” but gives some ideas which can be useful for you.

Hi Julien !

Understood, thanks that’s a bit pity as I expect to have a huge number of cause (:slight_smile: ).
I’ll check if reporting manually the restricted caurs choice issued from widget above is easier…