Cell reference in a formula

Hello, I have a formula that calculates the % cost of a groups time for a project in a Projects table. There is one other group that has a different rate. Right now my rate amount is just typed into the formula. I’d like to make it intelligent so that when rates change I can update the Rate table I made which has two columns: the Role and the Rate. Then, in the same row of Projects, I would know the cost of group1 and group2 which have different rates for other calculations.

So, how to change this formula to reference the particular rate? BTW - the 175 is the rate.


Thank you

Hi, @Evan_Buxton

Take a look at lookupOne method. You can use it to get a particular row from a different table. For example:

ROUNDDOWN((($budget*0.3)/Rates.lookupOne(Role="a role name").Rate),0)
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@jarek Perfect! Thank you so much. Now I know how to use that.