Challenge with my team site

I recently created a team site
I am on free trial for 30 days
But I am told my organization is not in good standing.
Also my domain name is not correct.

is team site deletable

I’m sorry this happened @Kingsley_Chidalu. Looking into it, will get back to you.

Can one delete team or personal site site?

Yes, for deletion on the hosted service, just contact support and say which site you want deleted. I see you already have a ticket there.

As best I can tell from logs, for the team site above, there was a cancellation at some point in the process in Stripe checkout. The team trial is associated with you, but there is no subscription in Stripe for it that I can see.

Probably best to switch to your service ticket for further follow-up.

I mistakenly cancelled the at the checkout point
How do I delete the team site and start all over again?

It should be gone now. Sorry, we haven’t implemented a self-service way to delete sites yet. I just did it for you, based on your request to do so from a verified email address matching the site owner in our ticketing system.

An engineer has replicated the problem you saw, and we’ll work on getting it fixed. Thanks for flagging it!

Thanks a lot
Also, I had meeting with Anais today.We tried setting up a formular but it would not work. please check the stage of the trouble shooting. I gave gristsupport access to my doc to fix it. No feed back from them yet.