Choice list not showing all choices

Hi, it seems that having +100 choices is ok for the actual choice list on setup side but on table side it is not possible to see or choose all set choice? This should be easy to debug by just creating a long list of choices.


Hi @Tomas_Westerholm.

That’s right, there’s a limit of 50 suggestions in the autocomplete dropdown. They update as you type, so if something you’re looking for isn’t visible, you can type a few matching characters to get it to appear as an option.

We can see about raising the limit if 50 is too restrictive.


Ah, sure. Of course. Perhaps most valuable improvement would be a hint to figure out that (pretty standard though) feature? Not sure how to make that obvious for everyone.

I recall some systems display a light grey text like: “type something…”

Or, in some cases the full list itself might be of value so infinitely more loading while scrolling more the list would be one way to improve it.

This is not critical since you already gave the solution but Grist is so good that pushing it even better motivates me.

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Placeholder text sounds like a good idea!