Citing GRIST for scientific paper

Hi folks,

I would like to know how I should properly cite GRIST in a scientific paper. I could cite the GitHub website as:

Grist. (2022). Grist Labs. GitHub - gristlabs/grist-core: Grist is the evolution of spreadsheets. (Original work published 2020)

But I’m wondering if you have published something already.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Eduardo_Dalcin, citing the github repo seems a good approach since it is relatively durable. There isn’t a Grist publication that is particularly suited to being cited. This introductory blog post has a date on it, but is on our marketing website so could be relatively ephemeral:

Thanks for using Grist and citing it!

Thanks @paul-grist !

I got this:

FITZPATRICK, PAUL; SAGALOVSKIY, D. Grist, a Hacker Friendly Spreadsheet . Grist , 1 dez. 2020. Disponível em: Acesso em: 18 dez. 2022