[Closed] Grist API /attachments static URL for client side

Hello, I’m experimenting with API Grist.
Faced with complexity, on the server side I request
GET /docs/{docId}/attachments
If on the client side try to display the image
GET /docs/{docId}/attachments/{attachmentId}/download
Nothing happens, because the client needs to be told Header Authorization if I understand correctly.

  1. Obvious, image caching on the server side.
  2. Perhaps there is a way to generate a static URL for images to pass to the client, because we used the API key on the server to receive attachments, so the server already knows who requested {attachmentId}.
  3. API endpoint for generate static path for API key?

I understand that the question is probably stupid, I just started to deal with the API.

Sorry, I find error in my code.

Is worked!