Colum reference with formula


I want to link as reference two tables.

I have the father column in one small table and I find with a formula the reference in an other table.

My formula is ok and I find the good text but the value stay in Red and it is not really referenced.

I can see that because I don’t find link between the tables in the page.

Could you help me please. Maybe I made it in the wrong way ?

The reason is that you are returning a string (Text) and for a Reference column you should return a record. This should work and should also be much more efficient:

typeval = Types.lookupRecords(sort_by="CompteMax")
for type_record in typeval:
  if INT(type_record.CompteMaxCalc) >= INT($CompteNum):
    return type_record

How big is your Types table? It might be worth optimising this further.

Thank you very much Alex, it works great!
It is so simple when you know, and so difficult when you don’t!

The Type table is more or less 50 rows and the Fec table is imported from txt and can be important. This one is 15000 rows.