Columns Rearranging

When I’m entering data in a card widget, the table columns are often rearranging themselves. It’s not all the time so I can’t determine what is causing it. This also happened to me on an import from one Grist table to another Grist table. Is there some setting that could be responsible.

That sounds strange and surprising. Are you saying when you type into a Card widget, there are changes in another Table widget? If the rows are changing, there may be some reasons, like unexpected widget-linking or a sort setting that automatically rearranges rows in response to your edits.

It’s harder to imagine column rearranging themselves – I haven’t seen that. Perhaps a bug? If you have a way to reproduce, perhaps you could share a screen recording of the problem with

Yes, column data rearranged. I thought that was strange also, I’ll make a screen recording of it a little later today because it was happening pretty regularly.

Of course it’s not happening now. I’ve tried to reproduce the issue while recording and it’s working as expected. I’ll keep trying and post an update if I am able to reproduce it. Thanks!