Combine Field with similar Email into New Records

Attempting to lookup all records with similar email addresses, then take the Location field from each and combine into a new record. The formula is shown below. The error received is shown below.
from collections import defaultdict

email_locations = defaultdict(list)

Iterate over each record

for record in Guest_List_Reminder_For_Email.lookupRecords():
# Add the location to the list of locations for the corresponding email address

Create a list to store the combined records

combined_records = []

Iterate over the email addresses and their corresponding locations

for email, locations in email_locations.items():
# Combine the locations into a single string separated by commas
combined_location = ', '.join(locations)

# Create a new record with the combined email address and location
combined_record = Guest_List_Reminder_For_Email(

# Add the combined record to the list


--------------------------------Error Received---------------------------------------------
TypeError : ‘UserTable’ object is not callable

A TypeError is usually caused by trying
to combine two incompatible types of objects,
by calling a function with the wrong type of object,
or by trying to do an operation not allowed on a given type of object.

Python indicates that you have an object of type UserTable,
followed by something surrounded by parentheses, (...),
which Python took as an indication of a function call.
Either the object of type UserTable was meant to be a function,
or you forgot a comma before (...).

You can’t create new records in a formula. Try making a summary table grouped by Email, then add a formula $group.Location in that summary table.

Thanks, Alex. That worked. I was able to concatenate all of the locations in the summary table. Awesome and thanks again. John P