Combine two tables into a single summary table?

I have data imported from two sources, slightly different formats (some have extra columns).

Wanting to have Table A and Table B, both build into a summary table C. Anyone have an example of how to do this?

As far as I know, it isn’t a feature of summary tables. Perhaps such a thing could be done specifically in some use cases, but would it be possible to have a sample document to see what you’d like to get? You may create and share one on

Here’s a way:

It uses a trick. What you want is to have a summary row for every value in a certain column of the first table (column A in the example), and of the second (column OtherA in the example). The example creates a helper table with a single row, which builds a set of unique values from A and from OtherA, and uses Python to get the union of these sets.

The rest of the trick is to turn this resulting list of values to column type ChoiceList, and create a summary by that. When summarizing a ChoiceList, you get a row for each value in the list.

Once you have this table, regular lookupRecords formulas can be used to find the corresponding rows in each table.

Why not import both spreadsheets / tables in 1 table. I remember a demo of @Dmitry_Sagalovskiy about a doggy daycare (Adapting from Spreadsheet to Database - Oct 18, 2021 - YouTube) and creditcards (Importing & Summarizing Data - Dec 15, 2021 - YouTube) where this was covered.